Monday, January 27, 2014

Everyday Inventions

     A couple of weeks ago my heater stopped working around 5pm.  It was one of many very cold winter days in the Chicago suburbs. We tried to find someone who could fix it quickly, however no one was available until the next morning.  The house cooled fast and it got down to around 52 degrees in the night.  Needless to say I did not sleep well that night.  In this situation many people would get angry, annoyed, and start to complain.  I used to be one of those people, however this time I started to think differently.  I thought about how great it was that we had a heater in the first place and how life would be without it.

     Our generation has been given such amazing gifts from past generation’s inventions.  We often don’t think about how great the objects are that we use on a regular basis, and how much they improve our lives. Items like: cars, phones, lights, computers, internet, plumbing, pens, beds, and so much more have made our lives much more convenient, comfortable, and productive.  It is safe to say that most of us take these amazing gifts for granted and don’t realize what life would be like without them. 

     Next time something doesn’t work the way it should, instead of getting upset, I encourage you to think about how great it is that the thing exists in the first place and be thankful that you have it.  There are still people all over the world that do not have access to the most basic of these gifts.