Thursday, March 20, 2014

Photo Essay Experience

     Throughout this class I have changed topics for my assignments many times.  I changed topics once again when it was time to start my photo essay.  I chose to cover healthy food for my essay, and wanted to show my audience that all healthy food does not have to taste bad.  The purpose of my essay is to show that there are a lot of healthy food choices that taste good.

     Taking the pictures requires a lot of work, because you have to prepare the food in a way that makes it appealing for the photo.  I have not been home for the past week during the day, so all of my meals have been out.  I could take photos of the food that I am eating, however it is not the exact message that I want to get across in my essay.  As a result, getting a lot of photos to choose from has been a difficult task.  I know the pictures that I want to take, however I have not had the opportunity to take all of them yet.  I plan to take some more photos today and throughout the weekend.  Getting quality pictures is the most difficult part and requires the most amount of time.  I believe that once I have a good amount of photos the majority of the essay will be complete and I will just have to put it together.

     I think that this assignment is a good change of pace from your standard writing assignments.   Using different contexts keep the class interesting. However, it is sometimes difficult to do new assignments when you have never done any assignment like it.

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