Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photo Essay

Photo Essay Design Plan
Purpose: I want my photo essay to illustrate that healthy food does not have to taste bad.  I want to show pictures of healthy food that looks like it tastes good.  The purpose of my essay is to combat the common belief that all healthy food tastes bad.  I want the focus of my essay to be on fruits and vegetables.  I want to also briefly touch on the fact that what a lot of people think may be healthy food is not as healthy as they think.  I want to create a spark for my audience to get them interested in eating healthier.
Medium & Production:  My medium will be photos that I will take myself.  I do not have a lot of experience on taking good photos, so I am a little concerned on how it will turn out.  For my photos I will take pictures of healthy food that looks like it tastes good.  I want to take pictures of food that has rich color, especially greens.  The color used in the pictures will send a message that the food is full of life, health, and vitality.
Ethos:  I want my pictures to have an inviting tone.  I do not want my essay to look down on the way the average American eats.  I just want it to convey an emotion that inspires, and shows how easy it can be to have a healthy diet.
Pathos:  I want my audience to agree with my essay.  I do not want it to be too serious so that it does not shut the audience out.  I know my audience would rather see interesting photos than pictures of nutritional facts.
Logos:  My argument is based on appeal.  I have to take pictures that make the food look really good.  I will include the ingredients of the food in captions below the photos.  I may also take a photo of unhealthy food to show the comparison and the relation to how the food looks and how it makes us feel. 
Arrangement:  While preparing the arrangement for my essay it is important to consider the requirements set in place by the professor.  The essay has to be 8 to 10 slides.  My essay will probably be 8 or 9 slides composed of two photos per slide.  I will use about 16-20 photos in my essay.  It is important to take a lot of good pictures so that I have many options to choose from.  The photos on some slides will be side by side, and in opposite corners on other slides.
Testing:  My testing will take place during the peer review in class on March 20th.  I will ask my classmates what they think and see what they would have done differently.

Closing Comments

     I believe that I accomplished the overall goal that I set in my design plan.  I wanted to inspire others to have a healthy diet, by showing pictures that looked appealing.  In my design plan I had originally planned on showing different types of healthy foods, however once I started on the project I thought that it would be better if I focused on the benefits of juicing.  I chose to put the captions at the top because of the template that I picked.  I thought that the template was a good color to express health and vitality and would serve as a great background for my photos.  My overall purpose stayed the same, I just changed my means in order to more effectively accomplish my purpose.

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